On the Right Track

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Have you ever had a close look at a five dollar bill? A REALLY close look? What about the wing of a butterfly? Or even the back of your hand? Turn your world upside down with this pocket-sized miraculous microscope. Explore invisible worlds you’ve never experienced and reveal hidden details full of beauty, weirdness and wonder.

The MiMicro magnifies objects by 60x their original size. When turned on, a soft light illuminates your subjects and the focus wheel helps you find maximum details. There is even a built in black light; bank notes and even some bird feathers become magical patterns of light when viewed under this UV light. Included is a handy LED torch available for times of need as well as a soft pouch for storing. Children and grownups of all ages will never tire of exploring these unseen worlds. So prepare to have your mind blown with wonder as you start your adventure into the unseen.


  • Illuminates and magnifies objects to 60x their size
  • Pocket size and super powerful
  • White and UV illuminating lights will brighten up any subject
  • Nothing can escape your super stare!


  • Requires 3 x LR43 batteries (included)
  • Includes a handy LED torch
  • Carry pouch included
  • Easy to use for all ages

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