Olala Bunny Night lights

Cloud B


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With Leo, Leni, and Lila, your children will always have the light they need to feel safe. The 3 cheeky little rabbits comfort your children as they sleep, and make them smile. The 3 nightlights are cordless and go anywhere in the bedroom, corridor, or bathrooms to form a lighted pathway for children.

Day and night, Leo, Leni, and Lila are just the right original solution for your children’s lighting needs. The Leo, Leni, and Lila night-lights are completely safe for children, made from safe materials and with LED lighting that does not heat up. We know that one night-light is not always enough, and we offer parents and children a safe lighting solution. Leo, Leni, and Lila can’t wait to come home with you.


  • A complete lighted pathway
  • Adapted for children’s little hands
  • Lighting that does not heat up
  • 12-hour battery life recharges on contact with the base

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