Periodic Table Fridge Magnets

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True Geeks appreciate that their kitchen is made up of scientific gadgets and systems, and in saying that we should all pay special thanks to Charles Strite for the toaster. Now you can show your appreciation for science on your fridge, and make messages to your geeky family or housemates!


  • For geeks of all ages
  • Periodic Table 25cm when arranged
  • Never get bored in the kitchen again!
  • Packaged in a tin

  • Children can learn about the Elements from Hydrogen through to Ununoctium!
  • Standard Form Periodic Table is comprised of separate magnets to help students study and understand a complex subject.
  • Periodic Table Magnets will stick to any metal surface and are especially suited to Fridges.
  • Don't be shy - anyone can learn Atomic Numbers off by heart! Science is Cool!
  • Study chemistry while waiting for the eggs to cook and help young scientists and chemists prepare for the discoveries of the future! Ages 6+ small parts

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