Pop It's Glow in the Dark Popper

Zibbers Inc

SKU: 17092

  • Glow in The Dark - This Toy can absorb light, whether it is sunlight, light or flashlight light, it can absorb and store it, and then put her in the dark, it will emit a beautiful light.
  • Funny Pop Toy - Ust press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound; then flip it over and start again! Endlessly reusable and washable, too.
  • Gift for Adult Kids - Relieve stress, help restore the mood, home essentials, parent-child games, autism, games that the elderly, children, and adults can play.
  • Enjoy Happiness - Layers take turns pressing down any number they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last loses.

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