Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine


SKU: 14243

Put together a working, hand-crank Xylophone! Included music sheets provide a few simple tunes to begin with. 40 minute assembly.

A mechanical take on the traditional xylophone! Smartivity projects are designed to help children learn the skills required for success in real life, and all-around development. Make a machine that's music to your ears while introducing children to sound, music, vibrations, gears, and ratchet pawl mechanism. Xylofun has everything needed to build a machine that lets kids begin to explore music. Once assembled, learn about music notations, play the two simple tunes included, and actually compose music by arranging, rearranging, and placing the pegs in different slots. Can be painted or colored once built. Contains 208 pieces including metallic sound plates, engineered wood components, and step-by-step instruction booklet. D.I.Y. time: 40 minutes / Play time: unlimited. Ages 8 years and up.Meets all ASTM, US CPSC, and CPSIA safety standardsCombining learning and fun, these high-quality DIY playsets are sure to secure a place in your child's educational playtime! Each laser-cut wood set revolves around a scientific or mechanical principle and can be built from scratch in an hour or less. Full-color, step-by-step instructions are provided to assemble each major piece before combining it all together to create a working machine! Along the way, a "Learner's Log" illustrates important scientific and mechanical principles. When completed, simple activities or projects to try are included. No glue or adhesives are required; sturdy wooden fasteners and rubber-bands are included as necessary, allowing kids an easy, clean building process.

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