The Canadian Kids' Guide to Outdoor Fun, Helaine Becker



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Summer is out there and it's just waiting for you!

Find out how to read the clouds, draw a cartoon or crack a code. Get in the game with water fun and all kinds of sports action.

Or build a campfire, perform a magic trick, master canoe strokes, make a friendship bracelet, survive a car trip, identify animal tracks and make the best homemade lemonade!

There's so much to do — with a friend, a crown or all on your own. You'll never be be bored again!

Parents and kids alike will absolutely love this boredom-busting guide to outdoor and indoor summer fun! Filled with hundreds of ideas for games with friends, solo activities, DIY projects, recipes and fascinating fun facts, this book will teach kids just how much there is to do when the screens are turned off.

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